Month: May 2019

Impact of defective sperm parameters on the outcome of IUI procedures

Saad Mashkoor Waleed Al-Zaiyadi¹*, Abdulhasan Mahdi Salih²,Mohammed Hassan Younise³    Abstract In the present study ninety sub-fertile couples were involved during their attending at fertility center at Al-Sadder teaching hospital in Al-Najaf/Iraq throughout a period from January 2018 to September 2018. Details of history and physical examination were done for subjects participated in this study.On […]

Electrocautery approach in treatment of Onychocryptosis

Dawood Salman Idan*¹, Kasim Obaid Hussein Ali²    Abstract One of the most common, painful and recurrent condition that need to be treated surgically is the Onychocryptosis or Ingrowing Toenail. Moreover, it is affected many individuals in active age groups of both sexes and implicated on their daily activities. This study intends to evaluate the […]

Prevalence and severity of anemia among pregnant: cross-sectional study

Nada Adnan Hussain*¹, Mohammed Hassan Younise²    Abstract Anemia is considered a major public health problem; playing an important contributor to mortality and morbidity among pregnant women globally, especially in developing countries. This study was conducted to estimate the prevalence of anemia among pregnant women who attended antenatal care in Al-Samawa maternity hospital, Al Muthanna […]