Conventional sonography and strain sonoelastography in the evaluation of solid thyroid nodules

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Zainab Ali Abd_Alrahman, Noor Abass Hummadi, Huda Ali Hussaini*, Sajid H-al-Helfy, Wasan Ismail Al-Saadi



Thyroid nodule represents diagnostic challenge. Conventional ultrasound provides information regarding the nodule`s shape but does not provide clue regarding its hardness. Strain Elastography is a promising technique that assess tissue elasticity. The objectives of this study is assessed the validity of conventional US features and elastographic parameters regarding characterization of solid thyroid nodules. The prospective study design of this study included 30 patients with thyroid nodule assessed initially by US then elastography to define elasto score and strain ratio. 23 nodules were benign 7 were malignant as confirmed at histopathology. The most sensitive US features to predict malignancy were nodule orientation and microcalcification, with overall US TIRADs sensitivity of 50% and specificity of 100%. On the other hand, comparable sensitivity of elasto score and strain ratio of 85.7% with higher specificity for the latter (93.2% vs.73.9%). Combination of conventional US and elastography features raised the sensitivity & specificity to 95% and 100 % respectively. A cutoff strain ratio of 2.88 was optimum to differentiate benign from malignant nodules. In conclusion; combination of US\USE improves differentiation benign from malignant nodules and recommended in daily practice to characterize thyroid nodules.

Keywords: Thyroid nodules; TIRADS; Ultrasound elastography; Elasticity score; Strain ratio

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Research Article
American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 5, Issue 10, pages 538-557
Received July 04, 2017; accepted September 22, 2017; published October 25, 2017

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Abd_Alrahman ZA, Hummadi NA, Hussaini HA, Al-Helfy SH, Al-Saadi WI. EConventional sonography and strain sonoelastography in the evaluation of solid thyroid nodules. American Journal of BioMedicine 2017;5(10):538-557.

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