Month: July 2016

Molecular analysis of PTEN gene in some Iraqi colorectal cancer patients

 Wafaa Sabri Mahood1*, ²Ibtisam Hammood Naserand AL Musawi, ¹Mohammed Mahdi Jawad   AbstractPTEN gene is refer to Phosphatase and TENsin homolog deleted on chromosome 10 which is a tumor suppressor gene located at chromosome 10q23.31, encoding for protein that have both lipid and protein phosphatase activities. The essential function of PTEN is to block the PI3K […]


Assessment of postmenopausal bleeding: a cohort case study

Azhar Mousa Al-Turiahi¹, Fawz Alla El-Dine, Sarah Hamza Herez  AbstractThe objective of this study is to assessment the postmenopausal bleeding (PMB), and investigated their causes, correlation with variable socio-demographic status. A 140-women complaining of PMB were enrolled in this study, each patient had a proper questionnaire filled in, with appropriate investigations that included; ultrasonography, Pap […]

HPLC fractioning to study the synergy and antagonism of rue plant seeds alkaloid to inhibit topoisomerase II as antitumor

Cited by in Scopus  Research Article DOI:10.18081/2333-5106/016-7/253-264 American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 4, Issue 7, pages 253-264 Received February 05, 2016; accepted June 02, 2016; published July 07, 2016 Naser Jawad Kadhim1, Dhifaf Zaki Aziz1, Maysaa Adil Hadi2 Abstract DNA topoisomerases are ubiquitous, enzymes needed to control topological problems encountered during DNA replication, transcription, recombination […]