Month: May 2021

Mortality rate in cancer patients with COVID-19: meta-analysis data

American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 9, Issue 3, pages 156-163 Nasser Ghaly Yousif1*   Abstract Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), that begun from Wuhan, China and spread rapidly and to worldwide. Since, cancer patients are more susceptible to different types of infection with have higher risk of severe symptoms of COVID-19 than patients without cancer. The objective […]

Malformations of the cranio-cervical junction: basilar impression

Gonzalo Bertullo, Viviana Cabrera.     Abstract Cranio-cervical junction abnormalities are a rare combination of congenital or acquired malformations, linked to the occipital-cervical region that often leads to severe neurological disorders. There is a great clinical polymorphism and high variability in the natural history of these conditions, which determines therapeutic outcomes difficult to assess in […]

Role of SMAD/TGF-β signalling pathway in connective tissue diseases

Li X, Michel Bronner, John A Ribeiro, Keen Oliveira     Abstract Several members of the TGF-β super family play important roles in connective tissue growth. The bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) induce early cartilage formation and MMP13 is a major enzyme targeting cartilage for the degradation of types II, IV, and IX collagen, proteoglycan, osteonectin […]