Month: October 2014

Biological role of cytoplasmic transducin beta like related protein 1-induced proliferation and tumorigenicity in prostate cancer

American Journal of BioMedicine  Volume 2, Issue 10, pages 1127-1139 October 2014 Shu-Peng Zheng; Xiang Feng; Yi Liul Abstract Androgen receptor mediated transcription and function in prostate cancer and critical for prostate cell growth and  gland differentiation. Transducin beta like related protein 1 (TBLR1) primarily localizes in the nucleus in benign prostate tissue and is significantly […]

Investigate the role of GPR15/BOB in the SLE patients

American Journal of BioMedicine  Volume 2, Issue 10, pages 1110-1118, October 2014 Caroline G. Jackson; Donald R. Kwan; John A. Ribeiro; Karen Oliveira Abstract GPR15 functions as a cellular co-receptor for some isolates of HIV-1, HIV-2, and SIV through interactions with several viral envelope proteins. The objective of this study was to investigate the expression […]

Molecular study on genital wart patients in Babylon province-Iraq

    American Journal of BioMedicine  Volume 2, Issue 10, pages 1119-1126 October 2014 Israa Abbas Mahdi Al Saadi; Mohammed A.K. Al Saadi; Wisam A.A. Ewadh Abstract The aim of this study was to molecular identification of HPV genotypes in genital wart patients in their blood samples in Babylon province-Iraq. This work was applied on […]


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Role of peroxisome proliferator activator receptor-gamma (PPAR-γ) in lung sepsis

Usha Q Patel 1, Grazia V Clemencet 1, Colleen B Latruffe 2, Peter A Reddy 1, Qin Chu 3, Charlene J Heyman, Alice E Griffin1*   Abstract PPAR-gamma has been implicated in the pathology of numerous diseases including; obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and cancer. PPAR-gamma agonists have been used in the treatment of hyperlipidaemia and hyperglycemia. […]