Investigate the role of GPR15/BOB in the SLE patients

American Journal of BioMedicine  Volume 2, Issue 10, pages 1110-1118, October 2014

Caroline G. Jackson; Donald R. Kwan; John A. Ribeiro; Karen Oliveira


GPR15 functions as a cellular co-receptor for some isolates of HIV-1, HIV-2, and SIV through interactions with several viral envelope proteins. The objective of this study was to investigate the expression of orphan receptor GPR15/BOB in the serum of  SLE patients and non-SLE healthy people. GPR15/BOB expression was analysed by flow cytometry while, GPR15/BOB messenger RNA was examined in peripheral blood monocytes by RT-PCR.  GPR15/BOB mRNA was detected in all periphral blood of SLE patients examined. Further, a significant increase in GPR15/BOB expression as measured by mean fluorescence intensity was observed on SLE PB neutrophils compared to these cell populations from healthy donors. We concluded that GPR15/BOB is expressed in  monocytes and neutrophils in peripheral blood, and expression is up-regulated in SLE patients compared to controls. GPR15/BOB may play a role in SLE pathogenesis.

Keywords: SLE; GPR15/BOB; Neutrophils; Cytokine

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