Idiopathic cytopenia of undetermined significance (ICUS) treated with low dose of Lenalidomide

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David M.Steensma1*mail of corresponding author, Mark Papaemmanuil



Idiopathic cytopenia of undetermined significance (ICUS) is a myeloid condition that have been recently described  and have generated considerable controversy as to whether it should be recognized entities in the current classification of myeloid disorders. A 79-year-old male presented with anemia for long standing and evaluated by bone marrow biopsy that failed to identify the cause. CBC showed a transferrin of 179 mg/dl, ferritin of 389 ng/ml, a serum Iron of 51ug/dl, and retic absolute count of 0.03x10³, with normal levels of B12 and folate. He treated with erythropoietin replacement therapy and requiring 3-4 units of packed red blood cells monthly without clear response. While treated with Lenalidomide at a dose of 5 mg daily showed a complete response.

Keywords: Lenalidomide; ICUS; Anemia

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DOI: 10.18081/2333-5106/016-9/360-363

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Research Article
American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 4, Issue 9, pages 360-363

Received July 11, 2016; accepted September 01, 2016; published September 12, 2016

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Steensma DM, Papaemmanuil M. Idiopathic cytopenia of undetermined significance (ICUS) treated with low dose of Lenalidomide. American Journal of BioMedicine 2016;4(9):360-363.


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