Immunogenic properties of outer membrane protein of Acinetobacter baumannii that loaded on chitosan nanoparticles

“Research Article”

American Journal of BioMedicine  Volume 3, Issue 2, pages 59-74, February 2015

Asraa NA. Alzubaidi; Ziad MF. Alkozai


This study aimed to prepare an experimental nano vaccine for Acinetobacter baumannii. In current study, Acinetobacter isolates were identified by growth onto CHROMagarTM Acinetobacter/MDR and standard biochemical tests. Identification of isolates of Acinetobacter isolates to species level was done by VITEK 2 compact system and API20. Chitosan nanoparticles was used in this study as an adjuvant, the results showed chitosan a perfect adjuvant because it carried outer membrane protein antigen and stimulates an immune response at treated rats, use of  Chitosan nanoparticles as a carrier to OMP increased the concentration of cytokines (IL-2,IL-6,IFN-ƴ), antibody titer, total leukocytes and differential leukocytes in treated rats compared with each control group and OMP group.

Keywords: Vaccine; IL-2;  IL-6; INFƴ; WBCs count

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