Infective endocarditis in Marfan syndrome patient unresponsive to usual therapy

doi: 10.18081/ajbm/2333-5106/015-04/164-170
American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 3, Issue 4, pages 164-170
Published: 11 April 2015

David  Shwann


A 25-year-oldman with Marfan syndrome and mitral valve regurgitation been healthy without other risk factors for infective endocarditis, presented with 8 days of fever, chest pain and cough. She had presented to his doctor in private clinic 13 days earlier and was prescribed antibiotics [Amoxilline 500 mg/8hrs] for a suspected respiratory tract infection. Despite this therapy, his condition progress worse and developed a fulminant rash, prompting emergent admission for further evaluation.

Keywords: Marfan syndrom; Infective endocarditis; Mitral valve regurgitation

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