Post publication corrections policy

| Post date: January 19, 2023 |


American Journal of BioMedicine follow the recommendation of ICMJE regarding the Corrections, Retractions, Republications and Version Control and the Editor-in-Chief of the journal is solely responsible for the contents and records of the journal and is the highest authority to take decisions on withdrawal policies.

Post publication corrections

American Journal of Biomedicine is a member of Crossmark and we provide Crossmark button which gives our reader a current status of a published manuscript. In Crossmark, there are two categories of updates: minor and major changes.

Minor changes

If there is a minor change like the correction in formatting, spelling or article versioning, this will be considered as a minor change and the Crossmark button will reflect this article in the current one.

Major changes

If there is a major change in the manuscript like change in the author's name or retraction of an article.

Correction of Article

Error is inevitable in any academic research by from the authors side to peer-reviewers or even in the editorial and publishing process. Those likely faults should have a place to be corrected and articles might need to be revised with the latest modifications.  So, the authors can submit their revised versions or editors can also ask for changes when they find error/s is detected in the published research report.  But, due to awareness of the readers and need to keep the history of that particular publication, these changes and the and old versions should be accessible and this is done by Crossmark of which American Journal of BioMedicine is a member of it.

Article Retraction

Violations of professional ethical codes, such as multiple submission, false claims of authorship, all types of plagiarisms, fabricated data usage or any other ethical issue in an article might leads to retraction. Occasionally, a retraction will be used to correct errors in submission or publication. The original article is retained unmodified but a watermark will be included in all pages of the article PDF presenting that his article is “retracted”.

Although the retraction will be informed to the correspondent author by provided email with clear information and the reasons that the editors have decided to retract the article and if the explanations of the article correspondent not to be satisfying, or the corresponding author accepts, the article will be retracted.

For more details please see COPE's Retraction guidelines

Withdrawal of Articles

the maintenance of the integrity and entirety of the research is a value in American Journal of BioMedicine. Subsequently, the authority of the published studies contains a great importance. Hence, as soon as the articles are published their content should be kept safe, present, exact and unchanged to the extent that is possible.

In an extremely limited number of cases, it may be necessary to remove a published article from our online platform. This will only happen if an article is clearly defamatory, or infringes others’ legal rights, or where the article is, or we have good reason to expect that it will be, the subject of a court order, or where the article, if acted upon, may pose a serious health risk. In such circumstances, while the metadata (i.e. title and author information) of the article will be retained, the text will be replaced with a screen indicating that the article has been removed for legal or other unavoidable reasons.

Withdrawn means that the article content (HTML and PDF) is removed and replaced with an HTML page and PDF simply stating that the article has been withdrawn according to the journal’s policy.

Article Replacement (self-retraction)

Authors of a paper might sometimes after publications of a paper, in months to years, wish to retract the flawed original paper and change or modify it with a better or corrected version. Subsequently, the above procedures for retraction will be followed differently as the article retraction notification will be electronically linked to the corrected, revised, re-published article together with a history of the document.

Crossmark Policy

American Journal of BioMedicine is a member of Crossref, which provides Crossmark scheme. So all articles published through American Journal of BioMedicine are permanent.  We assign DOI for all published articles to make them forever accessible on our journal portal.  If an author aims to modify or revise the paper s/he might return us the revised version of the article.  But, the authors should be cautious that all the former versions will be accessible with the current version as reference for readers.  CrossMark is a service from CrossRef that provides an advanced system to present the current version of a research report.  This system, American Journal of BioMedicine ensures its readers to present the latest version of the academic papers and commitment to present any modifications be made in that research article.  A reader can be informed about the current status of an article and moreover might check the have supplementary information about that article by the Crossmark logo in the article first page.