The prevalence of mental disorders among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) In Baghdad


American Journal of BioMedicine  Volume 2, Issue 12, pages1219-1228 December 2014

Hafidh M. Farhan; Aziz Salim Shakir


The term LGBT is commonly used as short hand for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, mental disorders higher prevalence among LGBT due to historical antigay stance and stigmatization of those people. To identify the prevalence of mental disorders in LGBT community and relation to their demographic variables. A case series study of 350 LGBT person in multicenter   study in Baghdad was conduct within 4 years (2009-2013), Kinsey homo and heterosexual sexual scale used   as a tool for assessment of sexual orientation and DSM 4 criteria for diagnosis of mental disorders. Only 150 0f 350 LGBT people suffered from mental disorders, regarding females the depression commonest (29%) followed by sadism (27%), while males depression and pedophilia commonest (17.8%) followed by nicotine and substance misuse (17%). The mental disorders were common among LGBT and there is different gender distribution.

Keywords: Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual; Transgender; Mental disorders.

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