Pro-angiogenic role of MMP-9 in invasion and metastasis of gastric cancer

doi: 10.18081/ajbm/2333-5106/014-03/122-133
"Research Article"

American Journal of BioMedicine  Volume 3, Issue 3, pages 122-133, March 2015

Tsan Chao; Chi Ming Yang; Po-Chieh Guo; Chiung-Wen Han; Huei Chen


Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) have been regarded as major critical molecules assisting tumor cells during metastasis. From the earliest work on MMPs in cancer, there has been a clear connection between MMPs, ECM degradation and cancer cell invasion. This study investigated the original links between MMP-9 and gastric cancer invasion. A synthetic MMP-9 inhibitor (MMI270) administered in both wild type and MMP-9-deficient nude mice, since in general the development of normal vasculature in MMP-9-deficient mice does not show any significant abnormalities. Mechanistically, the findings confirmed that MMP-9 inhibition diminishes neovascularization of metastases. Altogether, these findings demonstrate that MMP-9 contributes to tumor-induced angiogenesis and that tumor-associated inflammatory cells provide the major source of the proteinase. 

Keywords: MMP-9; Gastric cancer; Nude mice; Angiogenesis

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