Using a 980 nm, 7w/cm2 Diode Laser in Oral Surgeries

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AJBM  Volume 2, Issue 2, pages 170–179, February 2014          Full Text-PDF       [Open Access]

Shady A. M. Negm   

 At this paper, we discussed the use of laser in oral surgeries. The aim of this discussion and study were to verify the reliability and efficacy of one of these compact portable diode instruments, emitting a maximum power density of 7W/cm2 not requiring pre-warming or controlling, and delivering a wavelength of 980nm. In addition to that, we compared between the healing time of some cases were treated by diode laser. Recently, laser is one of the most common surgical procedures in the field of oral surgery, implant dentistry, endodontic treatment as well. The role of laser surgery in the oral cavity is well established. The use of diode laser removing a haemangioma as a special case is currently under investigation. The benefits of oral laser surgery are many benefits, i.e., a relatively bloodless surgical and post-surgical course, minimal swelling and scarring and reduction of post-surgical pain are discussed. An interesting cases of removal; a haemangioma, fibroma and performin a frenectomy with a 980nm diode laser are presented.

Keyword: Diode laser, Oral surgery, Haemangioma, Fibroma, Frenectomy