Novel enhancer for male fertility dysfunction in STZ diabetic rats

AJBM crossMarkAmerican Journal of BioMedicine Volume 9, Issue 4, pages 189-206
Muna Hasson Saoudi1,  Mohammed A. Auda2, Ahmed Adeeb Mohamed3



This new study evaluated effect of aqueous leaves extracts of Chrozophora tinctoria (L.) Rafin on male reproductive hormones and histological features of the testis diabetic rats. The results obtained showed remarkable increased of sperm count, viability and motility after treatment. Testosterone, FSH and LH hormones also increased with oral administration of the plant extract at dose 70 mg/kg of body weight. The results suggested the anti hyperglycemic property of the extract as well as its positive effect to maintain male hormones concentrations. Histological examination of the testis revealed improvement of spermatogenesis and Leydig cell proliferation with all doses of the extract. However, the histoarchitecture of the testis rats received 70 and 90 mg/kg of the plant extract, was found to be similar to the healthy group. These findings suggest that the extract can maintain the damage fertility in diabetic rats. These promising results may explain the use of this plant in the future for therapeutic treatment of diabetes complications associated subfertility.
Keywords: Chrozophora tinctoria (L.) Rafin; Diabetes; Streptozotocin; Reproductive hormones; Hyperglycemia; Sperm

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Novel enhancer for male fertility dysfunction in STZ diabetic rats

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    American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 9, Issue 4, pages 189-206
    Received October 01, 2021; revised November 30, 2021; accepted December 05, 2021; published December 19, 2021

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