Month: April 2014


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Successful macro-surgical replantation of an amputated penis

Salam Alhasani*        Abstract Total penile amputation is an uncommon injury; 87% of the patients reported had psychiatric problems. Self-amputation of external genitals is known as Klingsor syndrome. A few patients had poor gender identity feeling themselves inadequate as males. Some cases arise from felonious assault by jealous homosexual lovers. In 1970 in […]

The “Multicellular Origin” of Cancer and the Clonal Evolution of Oncogenesis

M. Mark Karindas*      Abstract Cancer cells are the result of the multi-step, multi-dimensional and multi-generational process of oncogenesis, but they are never the products of cellular transformation. When a stem cell divides, asymmetrically or symmetrically, it produces two new (new generation) cells, a differentiated daughter cell and a daughter which is a parent-identical […]