Month: August 2014

A study of anti-diabetic activity of gensinoside by assessing sodium-glucose symporter blocking effect in silico and in rat intestinal model

American Journal of BioMedicine  Volume 2, Issue 8, pages 984-991, August 2014 Sahar A. majeed; Heider S Qassam; Karrar Kareem Gaen; Khalida Kadhim; Fadhaa Abdul Ameer; Ikhlas Hassan; Hussein Abdul Kadhim Abstract Diabetes mellitus has repeatedly attracted attention of researchers to design different therapeutic approaches to achieve an optimal treatment for this serious health challenge. […]

Mechanistic links between HPV16/18 E6 and lung cancer

Keith Jeng 1, Marisa Chang 1, Steve Pili 1, Christian Ellis 2, Kebba Dhanda 2, Xing Lee 3,  Per Fielding 1*   Abstract Lung cancer has emerged as a global public health issue. Recent studies have consistently linked the presence of HPV16/18 E6 to the development of lung cancer as oncoproteins. HPV16/18 E6 and E7 […]