Trastuzumab exposure in early pregnancy for a young lady with locally invasive breast cancer

American Journal of BioMedicine  Volume 2, Issue 8, pages 899-902, August 2014

Natasha Pianca; Mathew George


The available literature on the effects of trastuzumab on pregnancy in the first trimester is limited. Case reports discuss the presence of oligohydramnios on fetal USS that result in a living baby that seemingly lacks any abnormalities. There may also be a link with higher rates of spontaneous abortion. We describe a young 32 year old on trastuzumab for a locally invasive HER2-positive breast cancer who became pregnant with fetal exposure to the treatment. After cessation of trastuzumab at 28 weeks, she delivered a healthy baby girl at 37 weeks gestation who, at 7 years of age now, still does not display any evidence of negative effects of trastuzumab exposure.   

Keywords: Trastuzumab; Breast cancer; HER2-positive; Pregnancy; Oligohydramnios

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