Month: May 2015

Protective role of TAT-HSP70 after myocardial I/R injury

  doi: 10.18081/2333-5106/015-05/289-294  American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 3, Issue 5, pages 289-294 Published: 26 May 2015 Martin A. Meenakshi; Erik G. Seth; Michael Robbie Abstract Myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury I/R adversely affects cardiac function. Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are a highly conserved family of proteins with diverse functions expressed by all cells exposed to […]

KGS, the “KARINDAS GRADING SYSTEM”: The all-encompassing universal paradigm of cellular and tissue grading, a guiding research tool and a new integral method of clinical management in oncology

  doi: 10.18081/2333-5106/015-05/232-288  American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 3, Issue 5, pages 232-288 Published: 25 May 2015 M. M. Karindas Abstract In oncohistopathology and oncobiopathology today, various systems of measurement, appraisal, assessment and evaluation of tumor cells’ phenotypic characteristics, in vivo, are used to gather or complement data in clinical and research work. Mostly being two […]

Role of IL-8 polymorphisms of gene in HIV patients in South Africa

  doi: 10.18081/2333-5106/015-05/220-231  American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 3, Issue 5, pages 220-231 Published: 23 May 2015 Mark Fernandez Bedoya; Maria A. Hegeman; Marchil G. Rovere; Amanda Bron; Jimmy Fukumoto Abstract Interleukin-8 (IL-8) is one type of cytokine has a role in the regulation of the immune system. Cytokines have become the focus of many […]

Taurine attenuates inflammatory response following cerebral ischemia and reperfusion

Katarina B. Matthes 1, Felix D. Niggli, Toshihiko L. Wakabayashi*   Abstract Taurine is a kind of endogenous free amino acid in tissue and a potent antioxidant agent its function may in part be to adjust calcium homeostasis in cells, anti-oxidative stress, anti-inflammatory and cell protector but little is known about the expression or the role of […]

IFN-γ-promote innate defense against gonococcal infection via producing B cells

  doi: 10.18081/2333-5106/015-05/295-312  American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 3, Issue 5, pages 295-312 Published: 27 May 2015 Yan Tsuchimoto; Rong Hwang; Song Chen; Xiang Liu Abstract Gonorrhea is the second most commonly reported bacterial STD. The majority of urethral infections caused by N. gonorrhoeae among men produce symptoms that cause them to seek curative treatment […]