Month: March 2017

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017

“Research Article” Page 1-15 Dose effects of cyclosporine and risk of cancer after heart transplantation Emily Jackson, Ju Song; Nayoung  Lee, David Viner; Rommel  Morgan, Siomar Statland, Anderson Bravo Received July 30, 2016; Accepted December 12, 2016; Published January 09, 2017 Purchase PDF “Research Article” Immunogenic properties of outer membrane protein of Acinetobacter baumannii […]

Mesenchymal stem cells improve diabetic neuropathy in rat model

Xiaokun Shi¹, Kangquan Shou, Shi-Hong Shi, Jung Han Lee*    AbstractDiabetic neuropathy is difficult to treat in-spite new compound of drugs and high risk for foot ulceration and may be limb amputation. So far, there is no satisfactory treatment protocol to prevent or cure these disorders. Diabetic neuropathy is characterized by reduction of vascularity in peripheral nerves and […]