Month: March 2018

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2018

Topic Review The epidemiological characteristics of Ebola virus disease Page 1-18 Brian S.Singer; Stefan K Blinov Received October 09, 2017; Accepted December 11, 2017; Published January 29, 2018 Purchase PDF Research Article Investigate the role of GPR15/BOB in the SLE patients Page 19-32 Caroline G. Jackson; Donald R. Kwan; John A. Ribeiro; Karen Oliveira […]

Evaluation of monoclonal chromatographic immunoassay antigen stool test in the diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori

Bashar Ali Saeed¹*, Saad Halawee, Ali AbdulKareem Talib    AbstractH. Pylori infection can be detected by invasive (endoscopy based) and non invasive methods. The aim of study is  to evaluate monoclonal chromatographic immunoassay antigen stool test in H. Pylori diagnosis. 117 patients with chronic dyspeptic symptoms underwent invasive tests for H. Pylori (Rapid urease test and […]

The significant recovery after direct nerve injuries in regional anesthesia

Nawfal Ali Mubarak¹*, Shaymaa Jasim Mohammed²     Abstract Direct nerve injury is one of the important complications of peripheral nerve blockade that was reduced to a significant degree by ultrasound guide and nerve stimulator. his retrospective study was done in different private and public electrophysiological clinics. Patients participated in this study were 60, 40 […]