Evaluation of monoclonal chromatographic immunoassay antigen stool test in the diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori

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H. Pylori infection can be detected by invasive (endoscopy based) and non invasive methods. The aim of study is  to evaluate monoclonal chromatographic immunoassay antigen stool test in H. Pylori diagnosis. 117 patients with chronic dyspeptic symptoms underwent invasive tests for H. Pylori (Rapid urease test and brush cytology) and stool antigen. patient classify as H. Pylori positive if he or she tested positive for both invasive tests. The sensitivity and specificity of the CTK Biotech® USA stool antigen when compared with invasive test were 67.24% and 96.61 respectively. We concluded that CTK Biotech® USA stool antigen lacks the sensitivity in diagnosis of H. Pylori, uses of new generations of stool antigen with high sensitivity is recommended for diagnosis of H. Pylori.

Keywords: H. Pylori; Rapid urease test; CTK Biotech® USA

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18081/2333-5106/018-3/108-114
American Journal of BioMedicine Volume 6, Issue 3, pages 108-114
Received December 03, 2017; accepted March 07, 2018; published March 22, 2018

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