Effective role of narrow band-UVB in immunological changes of VZV:T-cells response

Research Article 
American Journal of BioMedicine
Page 41-49
Phillip B. Gauger, Matthew A. Angel, Kristina Ballenger, Brian P. Lazzaro
Received September 26, 2019; Accepted January 11, 2020; Published February 02, 2020

Phillip B. Gaugera, Matthew A. Angela, Kristina Ballengerb, Brian P. Lazzaro


Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) infection often observed in children and usually lasts a short time. Its remains dormant in the nervous system and can reactivate causing herpes zoster (HZ). The objective of this study is to investigate the effective role of nb-UVB, on immunological response of T-regulatory cells via different types of HZV transcription factors and possible pathological mechanism. Together these data confirmed that the using of nb-UVB in treatment of VZV is associated with T-regulatory cells response changes and attenuated VZV infection.

Keywords: Varicella-zoster virusnb-UVBHerpes zoster; T-regulatory cells

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