Hand-foot lesion in old age asthmatic women




papulovesicular eruption on the hands which had begun to appear on the palms of her hands 2 days previously and which progressed to the soles, and dorsum of the feet. He had past history of asthma for more than 30-years and was taking bronchodilator and steroid medications. Physical examination revealed multiple erythematous papules on the palms, soles. The oral cavity and other areas such as face and trunk were spared. Laboratory findings, including complete blood counts and blood chemistries, were within normal limits. After 3 1/2 weeks he was commenced on oral aciclovir 200 mg five times daily, with subsequent resolution of all lesions within 5 days.

Keywords: Painful lesion; Aciclovir; Hand and foot; Erythematous papules; Entro-virus

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