Month: July 2019

Perception of medical students on their future career: a cross sectional study

Kasim Obaid Hussein¹     Abstract Recruitment of graduated young physicians has different barriers in Iraq. Consequently, valuation of the attitudes of medical students on the way to their future career is essential for development purpose. A cross-sectional study was designed to evaluate the viewpoints of 150 medical students through a class distributed questionnaires, then […]

Overview of the reality healthcare in Al Muthanna governorate

Ahmed Mutar Mahdi, Nasser Ghaly Yousif, Mohammed Hassan Younise*, Basel Saber Oudea, Amer Saber Oudea, Abdul Kathem Husoon Abbas, Mohammed Radi Obiad, Abdul Hassan Mahdi Saleh,¹   Abstract Health is the main objective of each individual human societies as the active factor for the survival of the individual vital product able to engage in economic […]