Does mild symptomatic bradycardia in a young active female need pacemaker?




46 years old women presented suddenly as fainting attack during her work shortly admitted to the emergency department and the initial work-up, a baseline electrocardiogram revealed irregular rhythm at 41 beats per minute (bpm). The patient denied ever having symptoms of presyncope, syncope, or generalized weakness. A Junior doctor in the emergency department treated patient with Amiodaron infusion to a overcome atrial fibrillation. The patient was monitored on telemetry during his 3-day admission and received Amiodaron orally 200mg×3, in addition, had a 48-hour Holter monitoring performed. He was found to have episodes of atrial fibrillation. A thorough history of the patient’s dietary supplements was obtained, none of which were known to cause bradycardia.

Keywords: Bradycardia; Pacemaker; Fainting attack

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American Journal of BioMedicine 2013, Volume 1, Issue 1, pages 7-10
Received 08 September 2013; accepted 25 October 2013; Published 30 December

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