Telmisartan protects from myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury via down regulation of the inflammatory response and apoptosis

Najah R. Hadi; Fadhil G. Al-Amran; Maitham G. Yousif; Suaad  T. Zamil

AJBM  Volume 2, Issue 4, pages 448–462, April 2014             Full Text-PDF


Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion (I/R) injury refers to myocardial, vascular or electrophysiological dysfunction of heart induced by the restoration of blood flow to previously ischemic tissue. In this study, we investigated the effects of Telmisartan in I/R injury and apoptosis. Mice are subjected to 30 min ischemia followed by 120 min reperfusion through ligation of descending coronary artery (LAD). Mice treated with Telmisartan (0.5mg/kg, via IP injection) significantly attenuated I/R-induced increases of myocardial TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6 and markedly increased myocardial Bcl-2 protein expression. Furthermore, Telmisartan significant protective effect against myocardial I/R injury. These results demonstrated that Telmisartan reduces inflammatory reaction associated with I/R injury induced by LAD ligation in addition to its reduction for cardiac injury and apoptosis  induced by ischemia reperfusion.

Keywords: Telmisartan;  I/R; cTn-I; Pro-inflammatory cytokines;  Apoptosis


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