Volume 8, Issue 4, 2020

Table of contents

Case Report
An unusual cause of peritoneal ascitis: An isolated bilateral neuroblastom

Page 225-234
Xue-song Feng, Hui-xun Takagi, Ji-ru Feng
Received June 24, 2020; Accepted September 02, 2020; Published October 04, 2020
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Case Report
Pulmonary tuberculosis coexist with lung cancer: case report
Page 235-241
Leslie B. Silberstein, Kurrle M. Susan, Harubumi Kato
Received July 26, 2020; Accepted September 15, 2020; Published October 13, 2020
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Research Article
Efficacy of ultrasound guided popliteal sciatic-saphenous adductor canal block versus ankle block in diabetic foot surgery
Page 242-251
Nawfal Ali Almubarak
Received June 30, 2020; Accepted September 25, 2020; Published October 23, 2020
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Research Article
Potential role of leek, Allium porrum in attenuated cardiotoxicity effects of Trastuzumab
Page 252-264
Christophe Shukla, Simon Senkus, Concetta Maceski, Nicola Runza
Received July 21, 2020; Accepted October 21, 2020; Published November 11, 2020
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Research Article
Fistula after hypospadias: preliminary treatment results
Page 265-269
Kadhum Jawad Shabaa Received June 30, 2020; Accepted October 30, 2020; Published November 25, 2020
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Research Article
Anti-diabetic activity and hepatoprotective effect of Chrozophora tinctoria (L.) Rafin leaves aqueous extract in STZ induced diabetic rats’ model Page 270-284
Mohammed A. Auda¹, Muna Hasson Saoudi
Received July 08, 2020; Accepted November 10, 2020; Published December 11, 2020
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Research Article
Assessment of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency among Iraqi multiple sclerosis patients by Echo color Doppler sonography
Page 285-296
Hayder K. Hassoun, Riyadh W. Al Essawi, Taki Al Tiraihi, Nagham Al-Jussani, Zuhair Allebban
Received July 21, 2020; Accepted November 21, 2020; Published December 25, 2020
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