The following new articles has just been accepted in American Journal of BioMedicine

Topic Review

Manipulation of angiogenesis and clinical applications David B Mulier;Tomoko Zhang; Jill Risau; Petr Folkman; Ling Yao

Research Article

Role of expression IL-23 pathway in myocardial injury after global ischemia and reperfusion/cross talk with IL-17  Ling Ogiku; Runqiu Fujii; Song Xiao; Liu Xuehao

Research Article

NF-kappaB dependent inflammatory response modulates by Toll-like receptor in sepsis  Delbert N.Thota; Anna Oddis; Gurpreet Banerjee; Hiroshi Caudell; Roschelle Ohura

Research Article

Critical levels of serum myeloperoxidase in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus Yojirou Kishihara; Osamu Kawai; ArthurTakeuchi

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