Volume 8, Issue 1, 2020

Table of contents 

Article Review
Adult cerebellar glioblastoma: case report and review of the literature/strong
Page 1-12
Gabriel Castelluccio, Gonzalo Bertullo, Rafael De Armas
Received October 12, 2019; Accepted December 02, 2019; Published January 03, 2020

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Case Report
Chronic fatigue syndrome in patient with ALK-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Page 13-20
Stephen B. Larsen, Christian M. Junghanss, Angela, Bo Hye Kim, Patrick B. Schnell 
Received November 30, 2019; Accepted December 15, 2019; Published January 11, 2020
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Research Article
Role of expression IL-23 pathway in myocardial injury after global ischemia and reperfusion/cross talk with IL-17
Page 21-33
Ling Ogiku, Runqiu Fujii, Song Xiao, Liu Xuehao

Received October 12, 2019; Accepted December 11, 2019; Published January 19, 2020
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Research Article
Potential role of cytomegalovirus in risk factor of breast cancer/strong
Page 34-40
Maitham Ghaly Yousif
Received October 04, 2019; Accepted December 19, 2019; Published January 27, 2020
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Research Article
Effective role of narrow band-UVB in immunological changes of VZV:T-cells response/strong
Page 41-49
Phillip B. Gauger, Matthew A. Angel, Kristina Ballenger, Brian P. Lazzaro
Received September 26, 2019; Accepted January 11, 2020; Published February 02, 2020
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Research Article
The incidence of postpartum hemorrhage after spontaneous and induced vaginal delivery versus elective and emergency caesarian section
Page 50-59
 Azhar Mousa Al-Turiahi, Alla Mohamed Sadiq, Esraa Ali Abbas
Received October 02, 2019; Accepted January 09, 2020; Published March 07, 2020
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Research Article
Critical role of TLR-4/NF-κB pathway in upregulation mechanism of cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury of mouse

Page 60-73
Jonathan M. Florentin, Yun Lin, Jasdeep Singh, Le Luo Guan
Received October 22, 2019; Accepted February 02, 2020; Published March 22, 2020
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