Volume 9, Issue 1, 2021

Table of contents 

Research Article
TLR4-mediated Neuroinflammation in SLE through phosphorylation of MyD88/IRAK signaling pathway
Page 1-35
Gang Li; Wu Zhao,Tracey B Finn, Wilma Martin, Chris J Leung
Received August 30, 2020; Accepted November 19, 2020; Published January 30, 2021
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Research Article
The frequency of the psychiatric symptoms in patients with functional dyspepsia 
Page 36-42
Adil Jafaar Abdul Sahib, Kasim Obaid Hussein, Dergham Majeed, Hameed,Emad Salih, Haneen Kareem
Received September 27, 2020; Accepted November 30, 2020; Published February 11, 2021
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Research Article
Association of alcohol and tobacco with changes in overall cancer mortality
Page 43-54
Heng Jiang, Lawrence Nofer, Anurag Goepfert
Received October 02, 2020; Accepted December 12, 2020; Published February 19, 2021
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Research Article
Activity of Saponin in the parts of the medicinal plant Abutilon indicum
             Page 55-61
Ghasaq S. Mshary, Hussein B. Khudhur, Al-Yasari 
Received October 13, 2020; Accepted December 22, 2020; Published February 28, 2021
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Research Article
Interleukin-27 attenuates myocardial injury after ischemia-reperfusion through down-regulation of inflammatory response
   Page 62-75
Mai HN, Lee YS, Chang EH, Lee S
Received October 22, 2020; Accepted December 30, 2020; Published March 05, 2021
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Research Article
Over expression of S100P up-regulates cancer cell proliferation: unfavorable prognosis and tumor progression in patients with endometrial cancer
Page 76-100
Masashi Sato, Ning Ma, Nan Zhang
Received October 30, 2020; Accepted January 11, 2021; Published March 13, 2021
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Research Article
Critical concept of risk postpartum readmission following postpartum hemorrhage: A multicenter prospective cohort study
Page 101-109
Jinan Jassim Al-Baghdadi, Alaa Mohamed Sadiq, Sara Nasser Altimimi
Received November 03, 2020; Accepted January 16, 2021; Published March 19, 2021
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